Grant Purpose: 

The Propel Arts and Entertainment Grant is designed to diversify the entertainment industry by creating a pipeline for Black and other underrepresented students into its ranks.

Grant Application Timeline:

  • November 16 - Round 1 RFP Release
  • November 30 - Webinar
  • December 7 - Proposals Due
  • December 10 - Selection Process
  • December 17 - Grantee Announcements

To be eligible for consideration for this grant, applicants must be:

  • Committed to projects that are direct alignment with Propel's mission and vision.
  • A Propel HBCU Partner
  • Capable of supporting the proposed activities with reasonable assistance from Propel Staff and Partners.

Proposal Guidelines:
Proposed projects must clearly demonstrate how institutions envision creating a more diverse pipeline of talent in arts and entertainment sector. Each project should ensure HBCU students have access to virtual and in-person learning experiences in film/television production, music marketing, and fashion design.

Proposals should demonstrate the following:

  • Dedicated staff to accelerate progress for the Propel Arts & Entertainment project.
  • A built-in method to measure impact progress toward goals quarterly, set Specific | Measurable | Attainment | Relevant | Time-bound (SMART goals/KPIs) and leverage Propel's public and private partner to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Integration and use of Apple’s ecosystem for teaching, learning and Innovation.
  • Be designed to answer/solve at least one challenge question. 
  • Include a project-based learning experience for HBCU students.
  • Use Apple Hardware to integrate technology into project.

Grant Terms:  

  • Max cash award amount:  $200,000
  • Additional Apple Hardware Toolkit: valued at $100,000 (MacBook Pros, IPads, Apple Pens, iPhones, Apple Watches)
  • Duration: One Year

If selected, grantees can use funding to:

  • Develop programs and products to assist in the development of the next leaders of innovation in arts and entertainment faculty and graduate fellows research projects aligned to propel initiatives.    
    • Develop real-world student paid-internship programs with project-based learning.
    • Provide merit and need-based scholarships, and other students success resources.
    • Expenses to support supplies and training for technology requests and upgrades.

Grantee Requirements:

  • Submit Quarterly status reports 
  • Complete Grantee Project Workbook (IPad / Template Provided)
  • Participate in 60 hours of prescheduled mentoring sessions with Industry Mentors 
  • Submit white papers, project products, publications and documentation
  • Attend industry focused conferences and training

Selection Rubric:

Project Description and Mission Alignment | 25 points

Innovation Approach | 45 points

Strategies to Address Systemic Barriers | 20

Project Oversight and Sustainability  I 10

Total:  100

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.