Grant Purpose: 

The Propel AgriTech grant is designed to provide partners with funding to create real-world experiences to assist in the development of the next leaders of innovation by creating sustainable agriculture and technology within underserved communities through hands-on learning, community engagement and a strong commitment to entrepreneurship.

Grant Application Timeline:

  • November 16 - Round 1 RFP Release
  • November 30 - Webinar
  • December 7 - Proposals Due
  • December 10 - Selection Process
  • December 17 - Grantee Announcements

To be eligible for consideration for this grant, applicants must be:

  • Committed to projects that are direct alignment with Propel's mission and vision.
  • A Propel HBCU Partner
  • Capable of supporting the proposed activities with reasonable assistance from Propel Staff and Partners.

Proposal Guidelines:

Proposed projects should include innovative programming to create technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, and profitability while keeping students engaged in curricula focused on the development of agricultural technology products, services and applications to redefine and reposition America’s farming industry.

Proposals should demonstrate the following:

  • Dedicated staff to accelerate progress for the AgriTech project.
  • A built-in method to measure impact progress toward goals quarterly, set Specific | Measurable | Attainment | Relevant | Time-bound (SMART goals/KPIs) and leverage Propel's public and private partner to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Integration and use of Apple’s ecosystem for teaching, learning and Innovation.
  • Be designed to answer/solve at least one challenge question. 
  • Include a project-based learning experience for HBCU students.
  • Use Apple Hardware to integrate technology into project.

Grant Terms:  

  • Max cash award amount:  $200,000 
  • Additional Apple Hardware Toolkit: valued at $100,000 (MacBook Pros, IPads, Apple Pens, iPhones, Apple Watches)
  • Duration: One Year

If selected, grantees can use funding to:

  • Develop programs and products to assist in the development of the next leaders of innovation in sustainable agriculture faculty and graduate fellows research projects aligned to propel initiatives.
    • Develop real-world student paid-internship programs with project-based learning.
    • Provide merit and need-based scholarships, and other students success resources.
    • Expenses to support supplies and training for technology requests and upgrades.

Grantee Requirements:

  • Submit Quarterly status reports 
  • Complete Grantee Project Workbook (Ipad / Template Provided)
  • Participate in 60 hours of prescheduled mentoring sessions with Industry Mentors 
  • Submit white papers, project products, publications and documentation
  • Attend industry focused conferences and training

Selection Rubric:

Project Description and Mission Alignment | 25 points

Innovation Approach | 45 points

Strategies to Address Systemic Barriers | 20

Project Oversight and Sustainability  I 10

Total:  100

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.